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Fiber Optic Couplers,Fiber Optic Splitters,SC,FC,LC,SC/APC,FC/APC,etc terminations available.

fiber optic coupler 

About fiber optic couplers:
Fiber optic coupler is a device with at least three or more fiber optic ends; the function of fiber optic coupler is to split the input fiber optic light into several parts to the output fiber ends at a certain ratio. The fiber optic coupler can be made with single mode fiber optic cable or multi mode fiber optic cables, the multimode fiber optic cable transmission distance and transmission bandwidth is less than single mode fiber cable. There are single window fiber optic couplers and dual window fiber optic couplers. Single window means single wavelength with a narrow wavelength window, dual window fiber optic couplers is with two wavelengths with a wide wavelength window for each.

Fiber optic coupler specification include the numbers of input and output ports, usually input is one cable port while output is many cable ports, the fiber optic couplers can be with different kinds of fiber optic connectors, usually it is with SC/PC, SC/APC, or LC fiber optic connectors. Input and output cables length is also optional, for example, 1 meter input cable length and 1 meter for each of the output cable length. Insertion loss refers to the attenuation caused by insertion of fiber optic components.

Product descriptions:
Fiber Optic Couplers are used to redistribute the fiber optic light signals, they can distribute fiber optic light transmitted from one fiber to two or more fibers ,when it does the work ,the fibre optic coupler can split the fiber power into several parts and sent to the different fibers on the other side of the fiber optic coupler ,for example ,a 1X2 60:40 ratio fiber optic coupler can split a beam of the fiber optic light into two parts at the ratio of 60:40 and sent separately into the other two fibers on the other side of the fibre optic splitter . intl fiber optic couplers and fiber optic splitters are available in various  styles, sizes, connector types, splitting ratios, and wavelength. High quality ,good looking and fast delivery.

Single mode and Multi mode fiber couplers  available
Various connector types optional
Various splitting ratios from 50:50 to 1:99
Multiple packaging options
PC, UPC and APC connector polish types optional


Insertion loss
Single mode
Multi mode
Return loss
Durability(500 times)
?0.2 dB
?0.2 dB
Working temperature
-45 to +80 D.C
-45 to +80 D.C

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