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About fiber optic attenuators:
Fiber optic attenuators are used for reducing the power of the light in the fiber optic network. There are two types fiber optic attenuators, fixed value fiber optic attenuators refer to the Attenuator that can reduce the power of fiber light at a fixed value loss, for example, 2dB. While adjustable fiber optic attenuator refer to the attenuator that can generate a adjustable Loss to the fiber optic link.

Fiber optic attenuators can be used in both single mode and multimode fiber optic links. As we know, single mode cable is with a small core diameter about 8um, signals transmitted in single mode cable core at extremely high bandwidth to a long distance.multi mode cable core diameter is much larger compared with single mode cable cores ,typical range about 50 to 100um.

Fiber optic attenuators can be used with various kinds of fiber optic connectors. for example, ST fiber optic connector,which is a trademark of AT&T. this type is popular used in multimode networks.SC fiber optic connector is a snap-in connector with a 2.5mm ferrule ,this type is also widely used for its excellent performance.FC fiber optic connector is a popular singlemode connector ,unlike SC and ST which are plug type connectors,FC is a screw type connector.LC fiber optic connector was invented by Lucent Technologies,it is small form fiber optic connector, the size only half of SC fiber optic connector.MU type is also a small form fiber optic connector ,it is with a 1.25mm ferrule and this type is popular in Japan. MT-RJ is a duplex connector itself with both fibers in a single polymer ferrule,there are female MT-RJ connectors and male MT-RJ connectors,the difference is whether they are with pins. E2000 fiber optic connector is the invention of Diamond company, the E2000 fiber optic connector ferrule is protected by the integrated spring-loaded company provide SC,FC,ST,LC,MU,E2000 types fiber optic attenuators. the attenuators can be female to female or male to female which is also called a plug type fiber optic attenuator.

Single mode and Multi mode versions
Low insertion loss
Definable attenuation from 1dB to 20dB
PC, UPC, and APC polish types optional


fiber optic attenuator technique data
UPC type
return loss 50dB or greater
APC type
return loss 60dB or greater
Working wavelength
1310nm or 1550nm

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