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Fiber Optic Cables SC,FC,ST,LC,MU,MT-RJ,MPO,MTP,E2000,SC/APC,FC/APC,ST/APC,LC/APC,E2000/APC etc terminations.GYTS, GYTA, GYXTW, GYTC8S (FIGURE 8), GYTY53, GYTA53 etc types.

About fiber optic cables
Recently it is apparent that fiber optic cables are steadily replacing the traditional copper cables as the media for transmitting signals in the communication network, the reason is, fiber optic cables feature is it can work at higher speed which can be up into the Gigabits, broader bandwidth which is able to carry huge information, longer transmitting distance without being refreshed or strengthened during the way, greater resistance to electromagnetic noise, and fiber optic cables are easy to handle and maintain.

Usually, the structure of fiber optic cable is like this: in its center is the fiber glass, with fiber coating around it, outside the coating is the buffer materials, and then, the outer jacket around all of them. Typically PVC, which is non-plenum, makes the outer jacket, there are also Fluoride Co-polymer jacket, which is commonly named plenum fiber optic cable.

Classified by the fiberglass, there are single mode fiber optic cables and multi mode fiber optic cables. Here the word mode refers to the way the signals are transmitted in the fiber gals. Single mode fiber is with a fiber glass the diameter is about 8 to 10 micron, typical wavelength for single mode fiber is 1310nm or 1550nm, single mode fiber optic cable carries more data than multi mode cables, and the working distance is much more longer than multi mode fiber optic cables. Multi mode fiber optic cables are with a 5000 micron fiber optic glass, the most commonly used types are 50micron and 62.5 micron, and multi mode fiber optic cables are with shorter working distance.

There is two-basis fiber optic cable design, one is called tight buffer fiber optic cable, and the other is loose tube fiber optic cable . Tight buffered cables are typically indoor fiber optic cables, which are used to make fiber optic pigtails, fiber optic patch cords, etc. while loose tube types are generally outdoor fiber optic cables which are with strong armor and used in outdoor fiber optic projects.

Product descriptions:
we supply both indoor fiber optic cables and outdoor fiber optic cables.the indoor cables can be with SC,FC,ST,LC,MU,MT-RJ,MPO,MTP,E2000,DIN,D4,ESCON,FDDI, SC/APC,FC/APC,ST/APC,LC/APC,E2000/APC,etc terminations. also they can be with different length and cable jacket types and fiber core numbers to make the cable assemblies.

SC fiber optic cable
The SC fiber optic cable is with SC fiber optic connector, which was invented by the Japanese company Nippon Telegraph and Telephone. It is one of the most widely used type of fiber optic cables. The SC fiber optic cables can be simplex or duplex (zipcord), single mode or multimode. For single mode SC fiber optic cables , there are PC polished ones and APC polished ones, for multi mode SC fiber optic cables, they are all PC polished ones. SC fiber optic cable features low cost , simplicity as well as good durability, the ceramic ferrules of SC fiber optic cables make them accurate alignment. SC fiber optic cables is with a locking tab on the cable termination, it is a push and pull type fiber optic connector.generally SC fiber optic cables life cycle is with about one thousand times mating cycle.
ST fiber optic cable
ST fiber optic cables are with ST fiber optic connectors which was developed by AT&T Company. this kind of cable is with straight tip type terminations. there is only simplex ST fiber optic cables and no duplex ones.ST fiber optic connectors are usually with a metal housing ,although there are still plastic housing ST fiber connectors, more and more people tend to use metal housing ST.ST fiber optic cables are widely used in multimode fiber optic LANs, but there are also ST fiber optic cables used for single mode fiber optic network, and ST APC cables are also developed.
FC fiber optic cable
FC fiber optic cables are with SC fiber optic connectors ,which is a screw type connection. FC fiber optic cables were very much popular in the past ,but people tend to use LC and SC to replace FC more and more. FC fiber optic cables are with a ceramic ferrule for connection ,FC fiber cables can be single mode and multi mode, PC or APC polish.
LC fiber optic cable
LC fiber optic cable is with LC fiber optic connectors, which was developed by Lucent Technologies, LC is a push and latch structure, with plastic housing and accurate 1.25MM ceramic ferrule. LC type is a popular kind of small form fiber optic cable, because LC fiber optic connector is only about half of the size of common type fiber optic connectors such as SC ,LC fiber optic cables can reduce the space and is widely used for densely installation.
MU fiber optic cable
MU fiber optic cable is with MU fiber optic connector, which is also the invention of NTT in Japan ,it is with plastic housing and a push pull structure.MU is also a small size fiber optic cable, MU fiber optic connector is similar size of LC and sometimes people name MU to be small-SC. MU fiber optic cables are available in single mode and multimode ,PC and APC polish.
MT-RJ fiber optic cable
MT-RJ fiber optic cables are used in single mode and multimode fiber optic connections. the name MT-RJ means this fiber optic connector is developed from MT type and RJ type connectors. MT-RJ features two-fiber connection ,that is to say ,two fiberglass connection within one MT-RJ fiber optic connector. another special point is MT-RJ is not only with a plastic housing but also with a plastic ferrule. there are female type MT-RJ fiber optic cables and male type MT-RJ fiber optic cables, the difference is male type MT-RJ is with two pins on each of the MT-RJ fiber optic connector.
E2000 fiber optic cable
E2000 fiber optic cables are with E2000 fiber optic connectors which was developed by Diamond, E2000 features a spring-loaded shutter used to protect the ferrule from dust and scratches. E2000 fiber connectors is similar size of SC fiber connectors. E2000 fiber optic cables can be single mode or multimode,PC or APC polish. E2000 fiber optic cable colors are same as SC fiber optic cable, blue for single mode PC E2000 fiber cable, green for single mode APC E2000 cable.
MTP/MPO fiber optic cable
MTP/MPO fiber optic cables are with MTP/MPO fiber optic connectors. the MTP/MPO fiber optic cables are used in Ribbon type multi fiber assemblies. unlike simplex or duplex, there are several fiberglass connections in one MTP/MPO fiber optic cable ,for example,4 fiber,8 fiber,12 fiber ,etc. typical MTP/MPO fiber optic cable assemblies like MTP/MPO to 8 LC ,MTP/MPO to 12 MT-RJ ,etc. MTP/MPO fiber optic cables are also available by single mode and multimode, PC and APC polish.

Fiber optic cable maintenance:
Fiber optic cables need to be handled properly; here are the basic rules and suggestions for fiber optic cable maintenance:
1. Do not stretch, puncture, or crush the fiber optic cables with heavy equipment or doors, etc.
2.Do not bend the fiber optic cable too much - if you bend it, it is better not exceed 90 degree, otherwise the fiberglass inside the jacket may get broken and the cable will be damaged.
3.Do not often mate/demate the fiber optic cables from your equipment, if you have installed them and they work properly, do not always change them, just keep them as connected. If you pull the fiber optic cables out from the equipment, it is better to put back the dust caps on the fiber optic connectors.
4.Do not polish or touch the fiber optic ferrule, this will make the connection not accurate when you use the fiber optic cables.

Outdoor types are used on duct, aerial and direct buried applications.
Fiberoptic.com.cn intl supply single mode and multimode fiber optic cables, common types from 2 fiber core to 144 fiber cores,  there are GYTS, GYTA, GYXTW, FIGURE8, GYTY53 and GYTA53 types available. except for GYTY53 all the other types are with metal armored and suitable for used in harsh environment. Our fibre optic cables features excellent quality and competitive prices, please contact us for the details.
SC,FC,ST,LC,MU,MT-RJ,MPO,MTP,E2000,SC/APC,FC/APC,ST/APC,LC/APC,E2000/APC etc fiber optic cables.

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