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Fiber Optic Power meter
Various types available , please contact for details.

fiber optic power meter 

Power meters are commonly used types of fiber optic test equipment to test the optical fiber power.we have several types of power meters to meet the diversified demand from our customers. intl fiber optic power meters are rugged, light in weight and user friendly . With their compact cases, they are especially suitable for LAN installation and some maintenance applications. The power meters are ideal equipment for continuity testing and for measuring transmitter output power. An InGaAs detector provides wavelength like (850,980,1300,1310, 1480 and 1550nm) measuring capability and high sensitivity to 70dBm, a plus for EDFA and pump applications. Our Power Meters are with a FC/SC/ST universal adapter.
Our power meters features high quality and competitive prices ,please contact us for details and for all the fibre optic power meter types we have.

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