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Ribbon Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies MTP,MPO

ribbon fiber cables 

About ribbon fiber optic patch cord
As we know, common types of fiber optic patch cords the structure is like this: each patch cable is with a simplex cable or a duplex cable, with a single fiberglass inside each of the cable jacket. Most types of the fiber optic connectors are connected with only one fiber glass each, for example, SC, ST, FC etc, only MT-RJ connector Is used with a dual fiber cable. To reduce space in some special application field, people develop MU and LC etc types, these types are small form connectors the size of which is only about half of SC type, and people also develop the MTP and MPO types, the MTP and MPO type are multi fiber connectors, each one of the connector are used with Ribbon type fiber optic cables which contain multi fiber in one single jacket, so that they greatly save space and are very convenient to use.

Based on single ferrule MT technology, the ribbon fiber optic cable assemblies provide up to 72 fiber connections in a single point, reducing the physical space and labor requirement, while providing the same bandwidth capacity of a multi-fiber cable with individual fiber/connector terminations per fiber.

High quality MPO and MTP connections
Multiple fiber types ,PC or APC applications.
Custom assemblies available


Single mode UPC
Single mode APC
Multi mode UPC
Insertion Loss (dB)
1000 times mate/demate cycles
Temp. Range
?0.2 dB ( - 40 to +85 degree centigrade)

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